The Village of Canisteo has changed the billing structure of the Water and Sewer bills beginning October 2019. Previously any property that did not have active water service did not receive a Water/Sewer bill. The Village Board has decided to establish a debt service fee for all properties in the Village that have a Water/Sewer connection even if the water is shut off. The debt service is $33 for Water and $46 for Sewer.


The Village of Canisteo issued this debt back in 1995 and it’s not scheduled to mature until 2032. The debt was issued to install the Water Tank, Well maintenance and the construction at the Waste Water Treatment Plant. The board decided to establish the debt service fee after the completion of an audit by the Office of State Comptroller. This new schedule will distribute the repayment of this debt evenly amongst all properties.


If you feel you received a bill in error or have any further questions please contact the Village Office at 607-698-4553.

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